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Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure

Feb 8, 2018

Welcome to the first taste of Chapter 2! The party is still reeling from last episode's blistering conclusion. Giacabo, Digby, and Gnoman have a promise to keep to old Ivaniri, but first they have some hot topics to discuss.

Starting right this second, you can find a new episode of Podquest every other Thursday! Next episode, the party receives a warm welcome from the inhabitants of the Otikiri Domain.

Follow along with this story on! Check out maps, art, and in-world stories on the blog and in the archive.

Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure stars Dylan Norcross, Nathan Johnson, Andrew Santoro and Kelsey Henry

Theme Music by Nathan Johnson

Additional Music by Dylan Norcross

Artwork by Kelsey Henry

Produced by Kelsey Henry and Andrew Santoro